26 Apr 2019

Practice what you breach!

A year after the GDPR, the number of reported data breaches has more than doubled compared to 2017 due to fines that now can be imposed by the DPA. The DPA has one main concern though. Read more.
13 Mar 2019

The ePR is more than just another ‘cookie monster’

It won’t be long before the ePrivacy Regulation will come into force throughout the EU. ‘Isn’t the GDPR enough trouble as it is?’ and ‘What about the ePrivacy Directive that has been in force for years?‘ are just some of the obvious questions we have come across lately. It will be just as obvious that the answers go beyond a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Let us try to shed some light on this issue.
21 Feb 2019

A no panic Brexit: deal or no deal?

With the impending decision on how exactly the UK will leave the European Union, panic lurks. All the more reason for anxiety and distress when it comes to a hard Brexit, one could argue. Yet, we choose to think otherwise as there many reasons not to panic.   
29 Oct 2018

Close your privacy gap with OpenGDPR

A new open-source framework has been launched for handling data subject access requests. The abundance of GDPR compliance tools, templates and schemes to draw up your very own processing protocols and agreements was recently supplemented by OpenGDPR.