Privacy management for the education sector

Every day, schools and universities are constantly transferring knowledge. Activities such as homework, tests and evaluations are central to their operations. Your educational organisation is tested and assessed in many diverse areas. The General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since May 2018, is an example of this. This privacy legislation carries a big overhead and the chance of failure is quite large. Unless if you work with Solvinx ...


Privacy management in education

Solvinx is a product of USoft and offers a unique concept of solid tooling, services and training that enables your educational organisation to gain demonstrable control over privacy legislation and other regulations. After an implementation of about ten days you can start! That is good news because as an educational institution you must meet several requirements such as:

  • Accountability. This means, among other things, that you must be able to demonstrate which technical and organisational measures you have taken in order to protect the personal details of your students and teachers. If there is a possibility of a higher risk, you are obliged to perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
  • Right of inspection by parents and students.
  • Data Processing Register. The Data Protection Authority must have access to all processing within your educational institution on request.
  • Create and implement processing agreements.
  • A comprehensive system for reporting data breaches.
  • Digital students’ files in a system which systematically maps and monitors the development, behaviour and learning performance of a student. This often involves specialised personal data.

SURFconext and SMART-PIA Single Sign-On

It is possible to log in to SMART-PIA through a SURF conext Single Sign-On link. This way, logging in becomes very easy when being a Surf conext user.

Our customers

Your colleagues at Wageningen University & Research and NHL Stenden university of applied sciences, amongst others, already work with Solvinx. Are you the next?


Auke de Bruin, Project lead GDPR at Wageningen University & Research



"The SMART PIA development to a versatile tool has enabled WUR to efficiently set up an organisation-wide Data Register according to the GDPR regulations, where specific requirements can quickly and reliably be implemented."



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The most important administrative components of the GDPR demonstrably under control

Extra challenges of data protection

In addition, as a responsible person for data protection you will have considerable extra challenges.

  • Children are a vulnerable group. In this age of digitalisation in education (social media, digital assessment programs, student monitoring systems, devices used by students) it is important that extra care is taken concerning their data.
  • Next to the large amount of data which has to be processed, the publication of visual material of students is strictly regulated.
  • The legal and moral duty to properly protect personal data. All teachers, school managers or anyone who works with the personal data of students shares the responsibility for ensuring the proper handling of this often sensitive data. 

How Solvinx deals with this for education?

In order to make your educational organisation GDPR compliant, we implement the following measures:

  • Setting up and implementing of a solid workflow, an authorised procedure to remain in full control.
  • Performing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and the completion of the Data Processing Register. Especially for higher education Solvinx makes use of applied 'best practice' questionnaires.
  • Determination of the risk level of a process based on a triage covering the legal requirements.
  • Drafting of mitigating measures in response to discovered risks and shortcomings. 
  • Support procedure for data breaches and a complete overview of all associated events.
  • Registration and handling of the rights of data subjects.
  • Quick and complete overview of the status of all processing and processes through a dashboard.