SMART Dashboard, real-time insight on your privacy administration

As data controller for the privacy process in your organisation you invest a great deal of your time in recording and managing GDPR obligations.

All this data contains a wealth of useful information, but are you extracting the right value from it? Can you see at a glance where the problems lie? Is sufficient action being taken on the basis of current reporting? And does your internal organisation have a growing need for management information in the shape of clear reports?

SMART Dashboard, one of the modules of USoft's Solvinx platform, makes all this possible, giving you instant and dynamic information on your current privacy administration. SMART Dashboard consists of:

  • Your privacy administration visualised instantly from different perspectives.
  • At-a-glance overview plus in-depth analysis options.
  • The clear, unambiguous and dynamic dashboards contribute to internal organisation awareness.

The main features of SMART Dashboard at a glance? Download the brochure.