SMART PIA Basic for small organisations

The GDPR does not just apply to multinationals – also smaller non-profit organisations and the SMEs must comply with the new privacy requirements that took effect on 25 May 2018.

Doing nothing is not an option but starting major projects and acquiring the associated software is often impractical.

We can therefore offer you SMART PIA Basic. You can use it to easily set up a Data Processing Register and where necessary perform a number of DPIAs, all this on the basis of standard questionnaires for both the Data Processing Register and the DPIA.


The benefits for small organisations

All the evidence in one database and clear dashboard

The main points of the GDPR demonstrably under control

Minimum administrative burden

SMART PIA Basic well-priced

We also offer functional support service packages. We advise you on the necessary steps you must make to become GDPR-proof or on completing the Data Processing Register or performing the DPIAs. 

The licensing costs of our software varies in price, depending on the number of users, which modules are purchased, and which services are desired. There is a tailor-made Solvinx solution for every budget!

Start carefree with SMART PIA Basic